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March 16, 2022

5 easy steps to lower your fuel consumption


Thinking of going green?

If you hadn't thought of upgrading your car to an electric one before, it's probably crossed your mind in the last few weeks. With gas prices at an all-time high, with no end in sight, there has been a renewed focus on fuel economy. 

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Filling your gas tank accounts for around 20% of your driving cost.

While cars are more fuel-efficient than ever before, the recent gas price surge primarily driven by the war in Ukraine has sent drivers worldwide struggling to find fuel-efficient or alternative car options. 

Here are 5 things you can do to help your wallet (and the planet). 
1. Rethink your driving habits 

It's time to breathe and get zen; aggressive driving, rapid acceleration, speeding and braking can lower fuel efficiency by up 30% on the highway and by up to 40% in city traffic

Try these simple driving techniques to reduce fuel consumption:

2. Anticipate road conditions 

Did you know that efficient driving can save you hundreds of dollars in fuel every year? Planning and mapping out your drive are effective ways to reduce your car's mileage. 

  • Know your route (longer routes may sometimes be more fuel-efficient as you can maintain a steady speed) 
  • When possible, combine your stops into one trip
  • Plan ahead: use an app (like GasBuddy) to check gas prices in different regions across Canada 
  • Anticipate traffic: look ahead while driving, don't tailgate and avoid slamming on brakes
  • Observe posted speed limits (reducing highway speeds by 16km/h can increase fuel economy by up to 14%
  • Coast to decelerate; look ahead at traffic flow, so you know when it's time to slow down 
3. Car maintenance

Channel your inner Monica Gellar (or Mr.Clean?) and get cleaning! Your car doesn't have to be spotless, but a clutter-free one can help your fuel consumption. 

4- Go green 

Ready for an electric car? Buckle up! With more hybrid plug-ins and zero-emission vehicles sold in Canada in 2021 than ever before, the future is green.  

But if you're not on the market for one just yet, there are still easy ways to help you go green. 

  • Cool off on the A/C; roll down the windows or use your vehicle's climate control system (if you have one)
  • Car maintenance. Car maintenance. Car maintenance!
  • Add a cleaning agent into the fuel system to remove grime deposits or use premium fuel with these additives
  • Change the oil: reduce your vehicle's emissions by ensuring your car's running at optimum efficiency
  • Upgrade your car: we're suckers for oldies, but with stringent environmental legislation, newer cars are way more fuel-efficient 
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5- BMW: Bike. Metro. Walk.

The greenest BMW of them all.: save money and the planet, one bus at a time. 

By implementing these 4 easy steps, you're one step closer to a greener planet and a happier wallet. 


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